International Trust Machines Corporation

of Things

Global leader
for both the solution of blockchain scaling
and provision of proprietary blockchain-enabled ICs,
empowering Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices
with blockchain capabilities.


Founded in January 2019, International Trust Machines Corporation (ITM) provides both a blockchain scaling solution and blockchain-enabled ICs. In this era of exponential growth in IoT devices and the expanding prevalence of blockchain ledger technology, ITM addresses the issue of convergence in blockchain technology and the Internet of Things with a practical and scalable solution. With its patented Merkle Tree technologies and blockchain IC solutions, ITM effectively eliminates bottlenecks in the blockchain trilemma, allowing millions of IoT devices access to blockchain for cryptographic anchoring of data and rapid Machine to Machine account-auditing capabilities. ITM provides the first-ever solution for clearing millions of off-chain data with only a single main-chain transaction, ensuring immutability for the assurance of trustworthy and legitimate information.



ITM breaks through the blockchain trilemma

ITM breaks through blockchain's three biggest problems ITM breaks through blockchain's three biggest problems

ITM Blockchain Scaling Solution

Uploads large quantities of transaction data in fingerprints onto the public blockchain, enabling the verification of data accuracy with an open source program. A single transaction on the public chain can clear millions of off-chain data successfully while ensuring that the data is tamper-free.

ITM Blockchain Scaling Solution

Blockchain-Enabled IC

Using ITM's exclusive security protocol, a cryptographic security algorithm is inserted in the IC or MCU for high TPS, high levels of security, assured privacy protection, and low-cost IoT uplinks.

ITM Blockchain enabled IC ITM Blockchain enabled IC


Blockchain Smart Supply Chain & Logistics

ITM's scaling solution and blockchain IC technology for supply chain & logistics can establish trust worthy transaction history along with time stamp, device ID and related information, facilitating smooth communication between different entities.

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Blockchain Industry 4.0

Using ITM's scaling solution and blockchain IC technology, manufacturing data from factory equipment can be real-time attested to enable trust directly from data origin. This system can be used for internal auditing, external validation, supply-chain finance and public governance.

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Blockchain Renewable Energy Management

Using ITM's scaling solution and blockchain IC technology, current smart meter data is uploaded to the blockchain to ensure its safety and integrity. Fujitsu's application of blockchain technology in Japan improved power control and increased the demand dispatch success rate by 40%.

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CEO & Co-Founder

Julian Chen

  • Master's degree from Yale University, undergraduate from the Department of Agricultural Chemistry at National Taiwan University.
  • Former vice president of TIDEiSun Group, vice president of SUN TV and general manager of iSun Affairs Weekly. As chief representative of TIDEiSun in Taiwan, built and managed a blockchain R&D and Operations team of over 100 people.
  • Former Director of the Office of the Minister for the Government Information Office; extensive experience in industrial policy and public affairs.
  • Served in multiple media outlets such as PTS, TTV, CTS, EBC, CTN and other communications entities; highly experienced in media and marketing.
Chief Scientist首席科學家/黃冠寰 博士

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

Gwan-Hwan Hwang, Ph.D

  • Professor and former Department Head of Computer Science and Information Engineering, former vice dean of College of Science, National Taiwan Normal University. Named in the Who's Who lists for Marquis Asia, worldwide luminaries, and engineers & scientists.
  • Bachelor's and Master's in Computer Science, National Chiao Tung University; Ph.D. in Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University.
  • Consultant to a wide array of technology companies in Taiwan for assistance in patented technology inventions and other technical expertise.
Consultant 顧問/王英明


Richard Wang

  • Graduate of the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University and the Institute of Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas, Austin. Worked in software and IC design in Silicon Valley, and obtained a Master's degree in business administration from Santa Clara University.
  • From 2006, consulted for McKinsey & Company and later became the head of the investment department at MediaTek.
  • Co-founded G-Mobi and Carota in 2012. Oversaw 20 million dollars of research investments during a 6-year period, with expansion into (internet) connected vehicles, digital marketing and digital payment.
  • Current partner at PHI Capital Industrial and Investment Fund, Director on Board of G-Mobi and its subsidiary Carota.
Research and Development Director 開發總監/蕭宇程 博士

R&D Director

Swanky Hsiao, Ph.D

  • Ph.D, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan Normal University.
  • Specializes in Java programming and enterprise-level service architecture, object-oriented programming and architecture, agile methods and software development, data science and blockchain technology application planning, growth hackers and R&D.
  • Set-up a large-scale cloud-based IoT system, industrial IoT data science system and edge data center infrastructure proposal.
Business Development Director 業務發展總監/賴冠霖

BD Director

Cooper Lai

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah; Master of Energy Science and Technology, ETH Zurich.
  • Cooper has solid experiences across sectors in transportation, automotive, connected car, artificial intelligence, and IoT with 3 times proven track records of generating revenue in B2B selling.
  • Business Development Manager for transportation at Advantech. He pioneered and managed oversea sales force in transportation sector; and successfully close first million+ USD oversea project.
  • VP of Business Development at General Mobile Corporation / Carota Inc and helped won first 3 automotive OEM projects and successfully built global awareness in connected car industry.
Business Development Director, US 業務發展總監,US/郭碩棻

BD Director, US

Alvin Kuo

  • Master of Economics, National Tsing Hua University. Undergraduate at National Taiwan University.
  • 20-year global IT industry experiences from strategic business development, leading marketing and sales team, to large-cap tech-sector equity research analyst with WSJ citation and Bloomberg endorsement.. Served for hardware, software and solutions from industrial to consumer electronics business, specially including ASUS, BenQ and BenQ-Siemens.
  • Expertise in exploring new technologies, new territory and new business opportunities.
  • World-wide footprints and engagements across Americas, APAC, Europe & BRICs include CES, CeBIT, Computex, GDC, Facebook F8, Infocomm, DSE, CTIA & MAU.
  • Serving American market since 1994. Current residence in California.
Representative Officer of Japan Branch, 日本支社代表/孫斯美

Representative Officer of Japan Branch

Sumi Sun

  • Master degree from Waseda University.
  • Over 20 years of manufacture & marketing experiences in Solar and Energy industries via West Holdings, Tainergy and AUO.



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